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Songs of a Seeker

Songs of a SeekerIn the questioning spirit of Socrates, Dr Parkinson argues that Christianity must be true to its basic principles of truth seeking. He traces the evolution of Christian thought and belief from its earliest foundations to the present day and proposes its future evolution in the light of new scientific understanding, in particular recent discoveries in Cosmology.

He addresses the question that as we are built in the image of God, how can we become closer to God and more specifically, acquire the mind of God, who made us in his own image; thus breaking new ground in the field of anthropology.

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"'Songs of a Seeker' is a collection of forty of Frank's poems. They are organized into five sections, headed Transformation, Facets of Divinity, Everyday Heaven, Science with Soul and The Journey. The poems are about seeking God, desiring to grow in consciousness, meditation, science and cosmology, experiencing the divine in everyday life and the importance of spiritual community. The poems make you smile, some are uplifting, some are reassuring. It is a delightful book and would make a thoughtful gift for a fellow traveller or a soul-mate."

Catie Sharples
CANA Newsletter Summer 2018
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"I discovered this profound poetry book 'Songs of a Seeker' whilst undergoing treatment for cancer. It has been my constant companion ever since. Small enough to slip into a pocket, it is always available to give joy, inspiration, comfort and peace for, as its author informs, 'We are all part of the ultimate reality, part of nature and part of each other, and that in a nutshell is what the poems are about'."

JOB, 2017

"Here is a book that says it all. Here are songs that should be heard by everyone. As I continued to read I felt a warm glow of delight that you had written so clearly about something that is beyond words."

EM, Oct 2017

"Superb, sublime, marvellous, a masterwork!!! I've read it through and it will live on my bedside table for those wretched sleepless nights I seem to have encountered lately."

VD, Nov 2017