Frank Parkinson, Author and Poet



A writer of "uncompromising clarity" 
Prof. John Hedley Brooke

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Frank wrote with passion and insight on gospel truth and the interdependence of theology and scientific thought but more widely on a variety of themes, ranging from spirituality to climate change. He set up Omega Point Press in 2017 to promote his work and his unique insights into human evolution through the prism of science, religion, economics and politics.

The name Omega Point was chosen to reflect the evolutionary vision of the palaeontologist and spiritual writer, Teilhard de Chardin, who looked forward to a future, which he called the Omega Point, when all the disparate forms of humanity on the globe today had converged and had become united in a higher form of consciousness. Frank saw Omega Point not as a clearly defined state but essentially a compass direction, pointing towards a radically new self-understanding, rather than a fantastical state.

This website is dedicated to Frank's memory and all that he achieved in his lifetime. It is developed and maintained with love and respect by his family and friends.

Other Publications

Frank's earlier publications are now out of print but we are planning to republish some of them in due course. Please follow this page for updates.

Titles being scheduled for republication include:-

Science and Religion at the Crossroads

Originally published by Imprint Academic in 2009, Frank envisions a future where science and religion are not only harmonious, but mutually supporting and illuminating.

Jehovah and Hyperspace

Originally published by New European Publications in 2002, Frank described this substantial book as "The Revolution of Evolution".

"If we are surprised by joy often enough as we discover the truths of new science and new theology, we may come to live in a world of ordinary miracles and a deep-down sense of oneness with creation."

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