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Publishing works on human evolution in the fields of science, religion,economics and politics

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Since Frank's passing in October 2018, Omega Point Press has been in the process of assembling his last work for publication, which was almost complete at the time of his death. We are pleased to announce that we are now ready to go to print and the book "Beyond Christianity" will be available to purchase from 12th October 2020.

"The writing is accessible, engaging and always interesting. It is well presented and deeply thoughtful, effectively combining several disciplines in the exploration of a common cosmic spirituality."

Andrew Clitherow, University of Central Lancashire

Omega Point Press (OPP) was set up in 2017 to publish works on human evolution, most notably in the fields of science, religion, economics and politics. It is probably unique in emphasizing that the human species is entering into an evolutionary change so radical that when the transitional phase is complete a new human type will have clearly emerged. One might say that the species will have been reinvented. This is at odds with folk wisdom which assures us that human nature never changes, but folk wisdom is quite wrong, for human nature and our self-understanding has changed dramatically in the past and what now awaits us is a change as significant as when our distant ancestors invented language.

That is how radical will be the forthcoming change that is envisaged, and this website is for those who want to be part of it. Realistically, that would probably be far less than 1% of the population at large.

The name Omega Point was chosen to reflect the evolutionary vision of the palaeontologist and spiritual writer, Teilhard de Chardin, who looked forward to a future, which he called the Omega Point, when all the disparate forms of humanity on the globe today had converged and had become united in a higher form of consciousness. How far in the future this would be – certainly many centuries - and in what sense it would be higher were left undefined, leading many critics to dismiss it as fantasy, but this criticism loses most of its sting if the Omega Point is taken to be not a clearly defined state but essentially a compass direction, pointing towards a radically new self-understanding.

The starting point must be recognition of the problem, represented by the graphic on this page, in which Michaelangelo's iconic touching fingers – of Adam and God – summarize the need for new inspiration of the same kind on which great artists, scientific theorists, engineers and architects have always depended. The Wall represents the obstacles to progress which arise from outmoded ways of thinking and which OPP sets out to overcome.