The Global Energy Trap and a Way Out

"This is a mustard publication. It covers a broad spectrum of renewables, information and developments. It is a must read."

Global Energy Trap

It is now generally accepted that the world's climate has entered into a phase of warming with potentially disastrous consequences for the planet, but there is no agreement about how to deal with it.

The "global energy trap" of the title refers to the fact that our civilization has been built on energy derived from fossil fuels and when these are exhausted, there must be a collapse of some kind, but long before that happens we shall have pushed atmospheric pollution and global warming beyond a tipping point.

It is absolutely imperative therefore to develop clean, renewable energy sources with all deliberate haste, and two ways to do this are put forward in the form of architectural and engineering innovation.

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"This book is for those who are concerned, interested and involved with renewable energy and its future. This is a mustard publication. It covers a broad spectrum of renewables, information and developments. It is a must read." 
B S Fookes, Whirlwind Wind Turbines EU

"This book offers a plausible way to escape the fatal straitjacket of accelerating climate change, by making our own homes into sources of emission-free energy, so that we are not passively involved in making the problem worse. It is by no means the only work on this theme, which is rapidly emerging as a social concern, but it stands out because it envisages a world where this is a norm, and where the ordinary house, and larger installations, produce baseload electricity from renewable energy sources."

Professor Peter Wadhams, ScD, Professor of Ocean Physics, University of Cambridge

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